Being Dentonites with Kendyl Raye

May 31, 2014

It's a rare occurrence that I don't have to wake up at 5:30 am on a Saturday for work, so when I don't it's nice to have a good day and act like a young adult like I am. On this specific Saturday, Kendyl, one of my roommates, and I decided to head out to the Denton Community Market for breakfast at The Waffle Wagon. One of the perks of living in Denton is that is has a lot of hipster, cool ways. Meaning that there is always something outside happening - live music, a happening in the Square, a UNT sporting event, or cool market-y events like this. The Denton Community Market happens every Saturday from 9am to 1pm if you ever want to check it out btw. Despite the muggy weather, there was plenty of people there. The Waffle Wagon had some cool options - mixed berry, chocolate chip, peanut butter & bacon, chicken waffle, and blt were a few. Kendyl got the mixed berry, myself the chocolate chip that also had almonds on it (YUM). Needless to say, it was delicious and hands down best food truck food I've ever had. 


We walked around and saw some of the vendors that we were there. Most were crafters selling jewelry, handmade bags or wood works but the table that intrigued us the most was two guys who called themselves Morph. Essentially, they were makers of eco-friendly, non-electronic wooden speakers that work simply by acoustics of putting your iphone or samsung galaxy in them. HOW COOL IS THAT? Me and Kendyl were instantly impressed and pledged to buy one each soon. Only in Denton y'all. Only in Denton. 

Next, we headed to Barefoot, a popular spirit apparel store/super cute boutique where Kendyl bought a tank. If you're ever in the Denton area and need a UNT game day shirt, hit them up. Jupiter Coffee House was next for drinks and then the comic book store because we're big nerds like that. I found these awesome Game of Thrones figurines that I was tempted to buy but decided against buying any merchandise pertaining to that show until I actually get caught up to it's most current standing (I'm on season two). With the dramatics of it, I can never be positive that I'll like these characters later or if they'll be dead or something tomorrow (STILL MOURNING NED STARK Y'ALL. STILL).
Anywho, on a more serious note, today was definitely a much needed day of nonsense. With work and my other obligations, it's easy to forget that this is summer. Well.. actually, I take that back. I never forget that it's summer, but it's easy to not find the time for special nonsense (nonsense meaning activities that don't have some deep purpose, just are something to do just because) like today. It's easy to want to use your free time for sleeping or just laying in bed because you're tired from your 9 hour shift on your feet. It's easy to not get up and do things. Therefore, I'm glad I did more than sleep today haha. Doing all these very cliche Denton things today was just what I needed.

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