The uncomfortable first post.

May 30, 2014

The first post in a blog is always really uncomfortable and odd to me because you're basically telling the world 'hey, I'm here, I have something to say, but it's cool if no one wants to hear it - I'm just still going to put it out there.' Maybe that's not everyone's intention, maybe that's just me being weird. Maybe it actually is what it's meant to be about - an outlet of some sort. I guess we'll soon figure that out.

First, let me introduce myself briefly. I'm Rubi. My life is spent either at Panera Bread (where I work), at school, at a Talons event (the organization I'm president of and love with all my heart), or enjoying life with the lovely people in my life. For all the other long details, hit up the about tab. 
Being as this is the summer before my senior year in college, it seemed like a fitting time to start a blog. In the next year, I'll make my last memories of college and this beautiful time of my life while making some hardcore decisions along the way. Might as well document it. It's honestly crazy to me that the past three years have flew by and it's almost over. If I close my eyes, I can still picture my dorm room the day I walked into it and found my sleeping new roommate, the first conversation we had, and the conversation Manolo and I had when we walked out of it and into the abyss that was parents moving in their children. Hugs, tears, smiles and frowns everywhere as we all began to embark on this new chapter. How is it that I'll soon be celebrating my last football season as an undergrad? My last homecoming? MY LAST BONFIRE? Those are all just words to you probably, but as a Talon they mean so much more. I'll explain all that down the road. Where I'll end up is a mystery to me, but by the grace of God, I'm sure I'll end up where I'm supposed to.

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