Adulthood: Miserable & Magical

August 15, 2014

As with most college students, the end of the summer means either moving back into a dorm, moving into a new apartment, or staying at the one you're currently in. Given the circumstances of my last living situation, a new one was in order. Oddly however, taking the next step to rent a house rather than an apartment is a lot harder than I thought it would be and I found myself homeless for about a week. Thankfully, there are some good friends in my life that were able to lend a couch. I couldn't help to think that this is a story I would tell someday to my friends' kids (since I won't be having any of my own) about "that one time in college, when I was homeless.."

Now, we have this beautiful old house from the 60's that has a back yard and a breakfast nook and low ceilings and a fire place like a real, grown up character house would. It's weird, to think I'm at this point in my life where I have real bills under my name. I signed a lease to a house for freak's sake. And where in the book of life is the chapter on how to turn on utilities and how did I skip over that one? You talk about growing up, and you think about growing up but you never actually think you'll get there. You preach wanting the perks of being an adult but you never actually want the responsibilities of being one. Yet here we stand and I guess that's part of the plan.

I just want to remember this time in my life because although not much has happened yet, I have this odd feeling that I'm on the brink of a big change. Am I going to stay at this job, although I've gotten out of it as much as my schedule will let me? Where will I be in a year (the question that haunts me almost daily)? Will I be a good President (a question I'll only tell this blog that no one sees)? A lot of things that were once really important - a lot of people that were once really important, just aren't anymore. I'm 21 and best said by the great Taylor Swift, I'm happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way, it's miserable and magical. Oh yeah, I definitely did just quote Taylor Swift. 

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