Mean Green Pride 'Til I Die

November 24, 2014

Growing up, my Sundays were spent watching my mom, brothers, and uncle gather in my grandma's house for football. A bunch of screaming men and my mom all around the tv and obsessing over their "squares" they had bought for the game is what comes to mind. When I was almost too little to remember, the Cowboys came to have their practice camp at Midwestern State University, the college back home, and we all went to watch. It was one of the moments I felt most like a family when thinking back on my childhood and growing up - all these moments of sports and football. Because of this, football became extremely important to me. Spirit became important - so much, I was voted Most Spirited for my high school's yearbook. From middle school nonsense football, to participating in the infamous Old High/Rider week in high school, and now to Mean Green Football, the ride has been great.

This past Saturday, I attended my last home game as an undergrad for UNT and my emotions, as usual, were very high. Coming to UNT in the Fall of '11, I knew I wasn't attending a huge Big 12 school or anything like that where football was the highest staple. I know they were rebuilding with the new stadium and new coach and everything so I wasn't expecting much but hoping for the best.
I'm glad to say that I was proved so wrong during my time here. The pride I feel for this school's football program - where they came from and where we've gone, fills my heart. I got to attend a bowl game at the Cotton Bowl and watch our boys win. I went from being one of the few still standing in a stadium that sits 33,000 to seeing seas of green cheering their heart out. I went from getting to the game minutes before it started and getting a front row seat to getting there an hour and a half early to try and hold down the front row. Of course, there is still such a long ride for the Mean Green but man am I happy to say I was there for the start of it.

I know that as an alumni, I'll still be able to come back and watch, but things will be very different you see. I won't be with my Talons in the front anymore, but across the stadium on the other side. There will be no heckling and screaming WE. GOT. SCREWED at the refs. There will be no jumping up and down with tears in my eyes like there was with those people. That, is what I'll miss the most.

Apogee stadium, thank you for giving me some of the best memories and stories I'll keep with me on the long road in life, especially the ones with my Talons. Thank you so much.

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