Ch ch ch changes.

April 30, 2016

     What is this? A blog post? Is this real life? Because as we can see from the last post before this one, it has been a hot minute since the last time we spoke. I'll be real - I have commitment issues and that basically applies to anything in my life: people, relationships, decisions. You know, all the important things. Including this blog. I love writing, this I've known since the beginning of time. Probably because I love talking so much and telling stories but sometimes I feel like my thoughts are too scattered to ever turn them into something concrete. However I've soon realized the importance of the things I love and how fleeting that all is so I need to slow down the ride and start enjoying them instead of taking so long thinking about them. Thus, we have a change upon us. 
     While this started as something to help me finish out college and prepare for the unknown, that's not really the case anymore. Yes, the unknown is still very apparently there but it's so much less scary now. I'm looking forward to the changes that are coming in my life and the ones I've already encountered recently so I've decided to start to use this blog more for what makes me happy - the music, the movies, the video games, the traveling, the pop culture I have such a sad indulgence in. While along the way keeping up with my life. Here's to new beginnings and for once, smiling about them. 

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