New year, better me.

February 11, 2017

Well.. it's 2017. Like a broken record, I didn't stay up on this blog like I wanted to last year but hey it's never too late to change! So, again, it's 2017. Trump somehow is our president, Beyonce is pregnant with twins, Taylor Swift hasn't given me a new album yet, but there's a live action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson coming out.. so we're okay for just a moment. Obviously, life's a bit everywhere but hey, I'm pretty happy. 

With a new year (I know, it's February), I've made some goals for the year to really allow myself to be who I want to be and love all the things I want to love. A few of these include: reading at least one book a month, staying up to date with the podcasts I love, writing at least once a week other than journaling either on this blog or from one of my writing prompt books. 2016 was all about my independence and realizing what I deserved from people. 2017 is more focused on my mind, expanding it and stimulating it like I've always said I wanted to but never make time for it. 2017 is the year of making time for it and less on the people who don't deserve my time.  

I also have about a million drafts for this blog that I never finished but after reading thru some of them, I think I'm going to take a stab at the completion of some. But anyway, I wanted this post to be short and sweet and kinda be the marking of a new chapter. Let's do it.

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