20 About Me's.

March 09, 2017

I dedicated to writing on this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But my life is busy, so you'll have to bare with me when I'm up past midnight writing this in hopes to stay dedicated. With that being said, it is late, I am tired and today you get a list rather than a post. Here are some random, nonsensical things about me:

1) I've never been on a roller coaster. The only thing close to one I've been on is a Kamikaze at a fair that takes you up into the air and holds you upside down. I got on it on accident because I was fighting with a boy in the line and got pushed thru the gate. 

2) I, however, love heights. I think planes and tall buildings are fascinating. 

3) I don't eat red meat. It's not even a moral choice. I just didn't like it growing up and it stuck. 

4) No one ever taught me how to tie my shoes and I'm honestly still pretty salty about it. I'm extra insecure of anyone seeing me tie my shoes. 

5) I feel like my fingers and toes are always cold despite the temperature and that something is really wrong with me. 

6) I worked at a hardware store for 4 years and loved it. I was a manager at it for 2. 

7) In high school, I got four tickets in one night and sold Christmas trees on an extremely cold lot for a bunch of nights to finish my community service hours I needed. 

8) Up until this year, I bit my nails nonstop since I was a baby. 

9) My grandma is my favorite person in the whole world.

10) I keep in contact with maybe 2-3 people from high school and that's it. 

11) I probably drank more in high school than I did in college and I'm 100% okay with that. 

12) I can solve almost any problem I have by watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother and finding the answer in it. 

13) I graduated a year later than everyone thought I did, lol.

14) My favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz just cause I remember watching it a lot when I was younger with my grandma. She makes me like all kinds of old stuff.

15) I spent my 23rd birthday at the Grand Canyon covered in snow with my best friends. I don't know if I'll ever top that birthday.

16) I'd like to go out of the country in 2018. I've never been and it's a bucket list point. 

17) I have a group message called "Meme Queens" where all we do is send memes, never have real convos. I love, love, love memes hahah. 

18) I have 2 brothers, one sister. Two nephews, one niece. My mom will probably not see any more grandchildren. 

19) I'm going to write a memoir one day, it will probably have a whole chapter on apologies to people I was really shitty to when I was in high school. 

20) I have a psychology degree. I've always liked studying people. I like learning about people in business now at my current job. 

With that being said, I have work in 7 hours. Goodnight!

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