Remembering a good day

March 23, 2017

The past few days I've felt so exhausted; just a mixture of me not taking care of my sleep and work which isn't anything unusual. The weekend will come soon and I'll get back to being energized so for today, I decided to lighten my mood I would just scroll thru my google photos and pick a good day to tell about. This is about the best snow day I've ever had. 

My friends Morgan & Maile being (snow) angels with me.
I live in Texas and in my 24 years, I can remember 3 actual snow events that could be considered snow and not just some form of ridiculous ice. My senior year of college, we had about 3 days of what started as just a lot of ice into an actual real snow storm. Well, a snow storm to Texans is honestly an inch of snow that sticks, so take that with a grain of salt. At this time, I was living in a house with my coworker turned close friend Jamie and Manolo. Classes got cancelled and the memes about the automatic Eagle Alert message from a cowboy were running wild on twitter. Somehow, I also had these days off from work so it was the perfect setting. 

One of the nights when the snow was really coming down, my friend group at the time all banded together at the house for honestly just a bunch of nonsense. I have videos of us running down my street in the snow, screaming at the top of our lungs our wishes for the snow day (night?), and mostly a ton of pictures of us trying to be cute in the snow. We had a room in our house that had a lot of plans for it but ended up mostly being storage until we made it a bedroom the next year. We sat in that room that night drinking beers and mixed drinks while eating cookies we baked and playing card games and talking about life. We were both children and adults and everything in between. 

One of my favorite polaroids to date. 
The other day of the freeze-life snow time was spent with a group of guys I used to be close with. They showed up after their classes were cancelled and we played Dance Central and Monopoly and then piled onto my living room floor to watch a movie on the projector Manolo had set up in there. There was also a snow ball fight somewhere in there that left us all way more freezing than we had bargained for. 

Especially at such a pivotal moment for myself, this was really a moment I remember being completely stress free. Which now is such a hard concept to grasp because not being a manager at my job, or not having a school refund to fall back on when I didn't want to work 40 hours at work seems like a foreign concept. 24 year old Rubi wants 22 year old Rubi to know she should have appreciated this time in a life a lot more. I had a really fun friend group who was always down to make a grand memory out of almost nothing. I don't want to say everyday was an adventure because that's not real. Some of the best friendships are being able to be with each other for so long doing practically nothing and still be laughing your ass off and wanting the night to continue on. 

I hardly talk to the people from this time anymore, for no reason in particular other than I graduated that year and saw a lot of them less while I was trying to figure how who Rubi was without school. That's another thing I've realized about growing up. Growing up sometimes means growing apart but it not really being anyone's fault, it's just how life is. I could write a whole other post about that alone.. 

Sometimes I think about these days and know that they will go in my book under days in college that I'll reminisce about for their simple bliss. 

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