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March 01, 2017

    I love talking, I love telling stories. You can't get me to shut up sometimes and often my friends have to direct me to the point of my story because I go off on tangents. I don't know why but it's just who I am. But progress includes seeing that some of the parts you love of yourself are also the parts you need to reevaluate from the outsider's perspective. Someone a long time ago told me they listened to me to understand, not to respond and it was one of those moments you don't forget. Not just because it was a kind and genuine thing to say, because you knew they truly cared. I want to be that for other people on the daily so I try to focus on being a good listener always. To that, I started to value podcasts a lot more. Endless hours of people talking who I never get to respond to so what better way to learn to listen and actually understand the way different people communicate. Here are my top five and the thoughts that follow:

Brilliant Idiots with Charlamange tha God & Andrew Schulz: This podcast features everything from politics to pop culture with all kinds of different guests. (No, seriously they have an author one week and then Rick Ross the next). I can say sometimes I have to question whether I'm a good feminist or not by being a fan of them. However, listening to all kinds of opinions is something I want to strive on and sometimes they do present a situation in a different light than I normally would. Plus, I don't have a modest background and they're harsh which is sometimes refreshing in a not unhealthy type of way. They are quite literally what they say they are - brilliant idiots. 
Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl: Pop culture and they're hilarious. I don't feel bad for indulging into people's lives who I'll never meet and the obsession I have with certain music with them. I only wish this podcast was longer than 30 minutes but now they also have the podcast on Fullscreen to watch which makes me happy. 
Two Dope Queens with Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams: Two powerhouse comedians and females. They discuss everything from sex, romance, race, politics, and New York with so many other noteworthy comedian cameos. Sometimes, I struggle to find feminist leaders who I can actually back who aren't so extremist they are hurting the cause more than they help it but that's not what this is at all. These ladies are FIERCE and educated enough to be just what we need in the world right now. 
Sooo Many White Guys with Phoebe Robinson: I found out about this one obviously from Two Dope Queens but it's become a favorite of mine also. Phoebe started this podcast on the premise to shine a light on diverse people who are making their mark in their prospective fields from music, film, art and politics. We can complain about #OscarsSoWhite only for so long but how conducive is that really? Instead, why not bring a light to these diverse people we want to see come up instead of continuing the narrative of the 'sooo many white guys' already known? Another reason this is my fave is because Phoebe has conversations with people in the way we all should be having. Instead of bashing Lena Dunham for her outlandish comments, Phoebe just invites her on her show and asks her the contexts of it. 
Insanely Chill w/ Cody Ko: I found Cody Ko on vine one random day my sophomore year of college. He was cute and he made 6 second videos that made me laugh so one hit of the follow button and it's been a match ever since. No really. He made his rise as a 'vine star' and transitioned to YouTube around the demise of vine and eventually (RIP) it's end. It's been interesting for me to see how his career has fluctuated because I got to see the 6 second vids, the rise to fame, his awkward stage of trying to find his place on youtube (skits? vlogging? all of the above?) and now he's established his following. He has a show coming soon, his own show on Fullscreen called Goat Radio, this podcasts and his successful YouTube channel. I've sat front row to it all and when he announced this podcast YA GIRL WAS HERE FOR IT because he's quite honestly one of the most interesting people I've ever found on the internet and I like supporting that. 

I'd like to dive more into serious podcasts in the future but currently my life is too serious so these are nice escapes. Sorry for the huge pics, blog is still in progress of being updated! 

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