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March 10, 2017

    For someone who is so into pop culture and the interwebs, I am surprised that I wasn't an avid youtube watcher until after college. I feel like most people peaked at this at a much younger age, no? If I'm wrong, please let me know so I'll feel better about myself. Maybe I never really wanted to add another internet hobby to my list since they're already time consuming but either way, youtube is apart of my life now. Below are some of my faves, but not all of em. (Just ain't nobody got time for that)

David Dobrik

It's safe to say that the internet appreciates him for the way he took vlogging and kind of made it interesting again. What started as normal vlogs is pretty insane bits and everyday life now. Being his friend is probably very hard because he buys random animals and plays pranks "for the views" but its addicting and it's what has established his place on youtube. His vlogs are always only 4 minutes long but I want more with each one. 

The Gabbie Show

I found Gabbie from vine during that era and remembered when she announced her transition to YouTube. Slowly, I became addicted because in a lot of ways, I feel like I am just like Gabbie. I remember she specifically posted a video that was a letter to herself and IT SPOKE TO ME and I was officially a fan. She does both vlogs and weekly videos of the usual story time or bits and I most appreciate the way she doesn't hide who she is - the ups and the downs, the progress she's made in the past few years, and the discussion of mental health she always brings to the table by someone who is actively pursuing a comedy career. 


My friend Stacy one day suggested him to me because we like gamers and it really changed my life??? I don't think she meant to get me addicted but I fell into a black hole of his vlogs. (I don't think I realize how much I love vloggers). Matt is a genuinely nice guy with a lot of success for a young age. It's interesting to see how he's handled all that and how humble he is. And I LOVE his editing style, it's just so damn sleek. 

Liza Koshy

I am a Liza STAN. She took the internet and kinda the world by storm this past year. She was also a vine star who transitioned to YouTube  and now she has almost 8 million subs in just over a year. She's also starred in a Hulu original, had a major role in a major motion picture film this year, and a freaking part in a Beats By Dr. Dre ad with people like Nicki Minaj, Michael Phelps and Rebel Wilson in it. Liza's personality is what has earned her spot. She is authentically comedy at it's core - you can see that this is natural to her. Her videos are short, but every joke cuts the way it should. 

Simply Nailogical

I've recently been really obsessed with nails because I've finally stopped biting mine. What better way to enhance that obsession that becoming an avid watcher of nail tutorials on youtube? Simply nailogical is awesome because she is super funny and curses a lot when the art doesn't work the way she wants or when it comes out better than it should have. Plus her nails are always on fleek!!!

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