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May 16, 2017

Movies and TV are important to me. Of course - I'm the Netflix generation so this isn't a surprise. But it goes a little bit deeper than that. A lot of my life lessons I learned growing up came from sitcoms rather than the people in my life. Rules weren't something I had, so I saw other kids learn morals and boundaries on TV and went from there. Movies gave me other worlds and other lives I wanted outside of my small town life. Now, I get to watch all the movies and TV I want and it's one of my favorite parts of growing up. I love talking about the things I watch still, even if no one wants to here my rambles about it. So yay for this blog. Here's my long post about something I just watched and LOVED. 

Master Of None - Season 2

If you follow me on twitter, I am the most annoying person with how much I have tweeted in the past about needing a season 2 of Master Of None. The first season had such great writing! When I finally got it, I binged it all in 24 hours and weeped at the beauty that was bestowed upon me. There are few shows, books, movies that have captivated me as much as Aziz Ansari did in this show. He takes seemingly "deep" topics like religion, race, love, sexuality and makes them so simplified and comical. There were three episodes in this season that stood out the most.

"First Date" is about Aziz going on a series of first dates with different people he's met from a dating app. Firstly, it's accurate to the different "characters" you meet on such apps along with the sheer awkwardness but also the greatness of meeting a stranger and hitting it off. Modern dating is really hard to capture authentically and this did just that. What I loved the most about this episode was the cinematography and how it was shot - switching from person to person during one conversation kind of symbolizing the "script" everyone goes through when meeting new people but how different personalities can change the dynamic completely. 
"New York, I Love You"started odd to me because you meet characters that aren't significant to the show's general plot lines - a door man at an expensive apartment, a deaf girl whose in a relationship with a deaf guy who isn't fulfilling her sexual needs, and an African cab driver who lives in a typical tiny New York apartment with 3 others who go out on the town for the night. Each person has their own different problems, different daily lives, but somehow end up interacting with the others in some way. The final scene all of them end up in the same movie theater as each other and as Aziz' character Dev. I watched the episode and then saw the title of it and realized it was the perfect love letter to New York City and it's culture of diversity. One city but so many very different but equally as beautiful people running around it finding their happiness. 
"Thanksgiving" was about Dev's best friend Denise and her story of coming out to her mom. In retrospect, it's one of the best coming out episodes in TV that I've ever seen. We see how this struggle transitioned for Denise from being a child all the way to her adult life. There's a scene where her mom tells her and child-age Dev that they're both minorities which means they have to work twice as hard to get half as far in life, and that Denise has to work three times as hard being a black woman. That stays with her when she finally comes out to her mom and through tears her mom tells her she doesn't want the world to be harder to her than it already is. If watching this episode doesn't make your heart swell out of your chest, are you even human? 
And now, I fall into the after show depression where I realize I will have to wait a very, very long time to get another season since I binged it all. 

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