The only thing I don't like about the movies is the scientist with the unicorns during the previews: 2017 Movie Recap

December 22, 2017

   Shout out to you if you get the title and understand my struggle. I watched a lot of movies in 2017. I'd take my advice on movies with a grain of salt however even though I do in fact, watch a lot of movies.  Some of my favorite movies are everyone’s favorite movies. Some of my favorites are movies people hated, and were ripped to shreds critically. I like what I like and sometimes just one scene in a whole movie will move me enough to disregard every other part of it. But that’s the best part about opinions and why I love watching so many and discussing them with people to see other’s people's perspective on anything. Here are a list of some of my faves in 2017 and why they were.
Baby Driver - Release date: June 28th, 2017
   I didn’t need to know much going into this movie besides that it had Ansel Elgort and I find him one of the most fascinating people. The concept was different – a partially deaf, heist getaway driver whose motivated by his tragic past and music. There's some plot twists and a bitchin' soundtrack and I was never bored which is what I ask from movies mostly. A big part of 2017 has been about learning of all these celebrities who we have grown up with actually being shitty people and although Kevin Spacey is in this one, I'm trying to not let that dissuade from the art that is this movie. 
Get Out - Release date: February 24th, 2017 
   This movie coming out in 2017 was too fitting it hurt. It was the most interesting take on a horror film that was also making a big statement about racism. I watched it more than once in theaters and a couple times at home and the ending scene still never ceases to make you hold your breath a little too long for comfort. I don't see how anyone could doubt that this movie didn't make its mark this year. My mom asked me why Get Out was under the comedy genre on her TV and I really had no excuse for her other than that's 2017 for you. 
Home Again - Release date: September 8th, 2017
   I'm the person that marketers think of because I really didn't care what this movie was about but I was going to see it simply because Nat Wolfe and Reese Witherspoon were in it. Reese had a big year with Big Little Lies and Nat Wolfe is another one of my favorites. Essentially it was about Reese's character letting 3 young filmmakers into her home while they pitched their film in Hollywood along with sleeping with one of said filmmakers. It was warm for your heart and the background of film-making and movie-talking kept me. A lot of the critique around this movie was how unrealistic the human interactions were but I don't go to movies for reality all the time, I don't know about you. Sometimes you just need a feel-good movie to believe in the good of people again, for just a bit. 
Logan Lucky - Release date: September 7th, 2017
   Some of the best movie experiences I have are when I go into a movie knowing 0 about it, never having seen a trailer or teaser for what I'm about to get into. I watched this movie on accident one night after our original movie plans went astray because sometimes understanding showtimes is hard. I LOVE Adam Driver (I've really overused my love for different male actors in this post).  It was about robbing a nascar-esque car show and it was clever as it took me backward and forwards on the details of how it was done. The both best & worst part of this movie were the HORRIBLE accents that everyone was attempting. It was one of those movies where you forget how long you've been sitting there watching because you're that interested. 
Wonder Woman - June 2nd 2017
   I sat down to think about my favorite superhero movie this year and there were so many to choose from but this will still top the list. Two of my favorites from Marvel are Spider-man and Thor who both had their films this year. Spider-man: Homecoming was funny and warm, but nothing outstanding. I'm holding out for an outstanding sequel. Thor was probably the funniest superhero movie I've ever seen, but had so much unnecessary pieces in it that I could have done without. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was another one with a bitchin' soundtrack (y'all know I love me some soundtracks) and I currently have a baby groot pop doll sitting on my shelf but it was still just a close third. And as for second, stand down all you superhero stans because I'm going to say it - I loved Justice League. People are way too critical of DC movies and sometimes people just need to learn to enjoy things first, criticize it second. I'm sending my resume to you, Rotten Tomatoes. BUT, let's not get away from the point here. Wonder Woman was a beautiful, beautiful movie and Gal Gadot was the strong, fierce leader we wanted her to be. I enjoyed that I got both a fulfilling amount of background and plot which I feels like gets lost sometimes in the introduction movie. Send your questions, concerns, & death threats to the comment section please.
Coco - Release date: November 22nd, 2017
   I must, must preface this with saying that when I heard about this movie I was not here for it. Book of Life only came out in 2014 and it was a beautiful depiction of Dia de los Muertos and a movie that I truly believe explained death to children in a way that isn’t terrifying and would help even me as an adult cope with loss. A teaser of Coco seemed like it was just another attempt to milk money out of a gimmick they saw worked. However, representation is key and trumps all so I put aside my qualms and took my mom & niece to see Coco over Thanksgiving after giving my niece a whole monologue about how important it is to support Latinx projects and anything that in some way is representing your culture. All three of us left the theater in a blubbering, sloppy mess of tears from what we had just watched. Coco was about family – the struggle you have when you love them but feel misunderstood by them. Something I think anyone can relate to at some point. It was about the importance of remembering people even after they pass and for anyone who has experienced some loss in some way, I think it was a comforting antidote to think about an afterlife where your connection to them matters a lot more than someone saying you carry them in your heart or some other cliché. I saw traces of my grandma and my mom in Coco’s family and the representation was done beautifully. I loved Coco so much and it’s easily one of my favorite movies ever now.   

These were my standouts but like I mentioned, there were so many good movies this year and I felt like I should give these a shout out as well:
Girls Trip - easily the funniest movie I saw this year.
IT - an 8/10 depiction on a movie that scared me to my core as a child.
Downsizing - an unusual concept but comical & whole hearted. 
Logan - one of the best cinematic endings to a movie all year. 
The Big Sick - an insanely beautiful, TRUE love story that sheds a light on interracial dating, family expectations and that sorts.
Life - the movie that made me realized space movies scare me too much. 
Power Rangers - why didn't my 90's kids show up for this more? This is serious. 

With mountains of buttered popcorn, 

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