Some things I'm loving & not loving as much right now

September 24, 2018

   Hi, hello, long time no see friends. I'm not going to offer you excuses if you're a regular here. Life happens, we move with it. Welcome back, let's see how consistent we can be this time! Today I wanted to talk to you just about some things I'm loving & some things I'm not loving. I love that we all go through phases and sometimes things are more important to us than not at just different times. It's reassuring to have change.
   I'll start with things I'm not loving right now so that we end on a positive note. I should mention that I say right now because it just means that who I am right now, these aren't my favorite things. But not that tomorrow or the next day they could be again. Don't roast me, okay thanks.

The Beauty Community on YouTube

   Um, one of my most guilty pleasures is watching endless makeup reviews on youtube and following some gurus and keeping up with the products they review and also release. It was definitely a de-stresser at the end of the day for me. However, it's such an ugly place right now. If you're not familiar with any of it and want to waste a few brain cells because it really is so ugly, here. Anyway, I haven't watched a good make up review in awhile or subscribed to anyone new because honestly.. nobody is doing it for me. I hate the "cancelled" culture of the internet and the cyber bullying we deem appropriate when we want to 'cancel' someone for god forbid changing from the person they were 5, 6, 7 years ago while also preaching kindness and anti-bullying every other day of the week. And I only mean in the extreme way of this specific instance where people have been shunned so much to disappear for the internet for over a month after being a regularly uploading Youtuber for 3-4 years. Wow, I didn't realize I was so passionate about this, haha.


   It's ironic that I'm saying sleep is something I don't enjoy right now when I have a whole other post dedicated to how important sleep is to me and my wellbeing but that is the exact point. I know I need therapy because of the dreams, or should I say nightmares, I've been having recently. They're always so random and involve people who are extremely close to me or people I haven't talked to in ages. No in betweens. I woke up with actual tears coming out of my face just yesterday because I had a dream about a friend's sister dying. I've never even met the sister??? I always try to think out why my brain is acting up on me but I can't pinpoint it in this era because I'm not unusually stressed or in an unreasonably bad state of mind. Life's pretty okay right now. I just want to be able to nap in peace. If you have any good therapists, hit your girl up haha.

Negative political conversation

   I was hesitant to even point this out because it's weird & who really wants to read about politics on this blog, but hear me out. I don't really care to talk about politics with people about how harsh the world is right now in the state of politics or even really care to have a conversation with someone who disagrees with me. I know that it's important to have conversations and maybe a shed a different view on different subjects. I know that's an important aspect of change and that obviously, I don't know everything in the world. But, I just don't want it right now. I don't follow Trump on twitter because I don't really care what he has to stay about anything. I know he's not my cup of tea and that's all I need to know. So when people want to discourse with me about what the celebrity in chief has to say, it's currently one of my most disliked things. I have had a hard year of trying to weed out negativity and this is one I'm continuously working on.

Now, welcome to what's been making me happy recently:

                                           Positive political conversation

   On the other hand, I am TOTALLY down to have a conversation with you about some good things in the life of politics. I'd rather spend my time talking about the candidates that are trying to make change. Like, let's talk about the Beto O'Rourke rally my friends and I went to recently where I got sunburnt but left so happy to hear the things he had to say. Let's talk about the people who are getting you excited. Let's talk about how we're all going to vote in November. I need that kind of positivity in my life.

Netflix originals

   For awhile it felt like Netflix was pumping out garbage for originals in a much quantity over quality kind of way. We went from anticipating a few releases we were excited about to so much content it would have been impossible to keep up with and my fate was a little lost. However, 8 out of the last 15 movies I wanted were Netflix originals that I absolutely loved. Sometimes I forget how much of a sucker for love I am but the influx of romcoms that have been thrown at me recently have overtaken my heart (I sobbed the first go round on Alex Strangelove and I've seen To All The Boys at least 5 times so far.) And then there is the few that are different and so entertaining like The After Party that gives me so many cameos and good music and Set It Up which hides itself as a romcom but really is such a empowering story of feminism with love thrown in. I'm excited to be excited for Netflix again.

Love & Relationship Podcasts

   I'm not the one normally for love and relationship podcasts. My favorites are regular popular culture discussions or something completely random like an expose on a subject I know nothing about (insert joke about love being something I know nothing about). Recently, my two favorite podcasts I've been listening to are just that. Couple of Issues is a podcast by 1/2 of the Carly & Erin duo on youtube - Carly, and her boyfriend, songwriter & music producer, Bruce. The two met on tinder two years ago and they talk about different parts of their relationship along with reading emails people send them and giving advice. I've grown to enjoy it so much because they seem to have a pretty healthy relationship and they have a lot of antidote stories to go off of for the advice people ask them for. The second podcast is Secret Keepers' Club with Carly Aquilino & Emma Willmann. It's a bit more unfiltered and raw advice on love, relationship, and friendships. What made me a subscriber was the great chemistry these two comedians have while also being so heartfelt about helping people plus they both have a lot of experience since they are just a bit older than myself.

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions to what I should dive into on youtube now that beauty people have betrayed me or another love & relationship podcast I should listen to, please comment below :)


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