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Hi, I'm Rubi.
Writing an about me is hard because of course there are things I want you to know about me, but also there are things you should know about me. To get somewhere in between that, I asked the people closest to me in life to give a review of Rubi in hopes that all bases will be covered:

"Rubi is the probably the realest bitch you'll ever meet." - Abel, my oldest friendship and front row ticket holder to the 'when Rubi was a horrible person' chapter. 

"Putting music taste asides, her willingness to call you out, correct you when you're wrong and not shy away from truth is the most valuable thing this person has to offer." - Juan, someone who has tried to fight a guy in a bar for me. 

"Whenever a boy broke up with me, I crawled into Rubi's bed in the middle of the night and woke her up and instead of being grumpy, she stayed up with me because that's the kind of friend she is." - Kendyl, someone I'd wake up for for a breakup but not for the murder of our roommate's crab.

"Rubi always says she's psychic and low key it's been proven enough times that I think she's probably a witch." Kendyl, a fellow witch highkey.

It only took me a month to get closure on 2018.

I wrote you a blog post about 2018. I told you about the ups and the downs. I told you about the guy who didn't know he hurt me at the b...

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Just another millennial trying to entertain you with my thoughts on things you probably don't care about & other milestones along the way.
26. Texas.